Anonymous asked:
Ive been talking to this guy for 3 months and weve been on dates & kissed & done some other stuff. we always msg & call & I like him but idk what we are like if were a thing or not & I feel like he's just using me to do stuff with but he treats me so lovely sometimes & then he can be a dick & I found out when he was drunk he got with this girl who he once had sex with & idk what they did together but I feel like if he can get with other girls maybe I dont mean anything to him? Help please xxx

Hey, I’m really really not good at boy advice… But if you really like him then maybe just ask him how he feels and where you two stand?

inferiorvogue asked:
Honestly ive only known you for you for like a day now, and ive always seen you in posts and on instagram and ive always wondered who you actually are. Ive just realised how much of an amazing person you really are, and how genuine and down to earth you are as well, you're so sweet and kind and you're not taking anything for granted. PS I love you so much omg

(: thank you so much, that message is so so sweet and really made my day. Thank you thank you x