Anonymous asked:
You have the most beautiful figure it's cray!! If you don't mind me asking what is your workout and diet routine on a daily basis? Have you ever been told to slim down or know people that have in the industry at all? Sorry for all the questions your a truly fantastic model! X

Ah thanks. I’m honestly really lucky and don’t diet or currently work out. I’m naturally really petite. x

nakedspirits asked:
I swear you are frickin sassy

Oh why thanks x

Anonymous asked:
Why diddnt you send pictures in by email I haven't heard of walk ins before!! Is premier still videoing for the model agency? I love it it's so good!

No that show was filmed probably about 4 years ago now. Because I was told walk ins were better, they say about them on agency websites x

Anonymous asked:
Hey! I'm 15 I want to be a model but I'm really insecure about my body. I feel like I'm not skinny enough I have stretch marks my finger nails aren't long and I dont know if this may set me back or put agencies off.

If and agency see potential in you then things like short finger nails won’t matter at all. If it’s really something you want to do then why not go into agencies and see what they say? x

Anonymous asked:
I think I have a crush on you and I'm a girl... Is that wrong?

Haha, I’ll take it as a really big compliment. Thanks. x

Anonymous asked:
What made you first want to become a model and what gave you the idea to try it out yourself? xx

It had always been a dream, like my idea job. I went to uni and did a bit of modelling for the fashion and photography uni students so when I finished studying I went round to agencies. x

Anonymous asked:
When you went to your open call. How long did it take?

Not long at all… Like literally a few minuets. x

paradise-in-your-eyes8 asked:
Hii..I just want to say that you are very beautiful. :)

Thank you that’s so sweet of you to say x

Anonymous asked:
How much do you weight?

I don’t know… I don’t have scales. x

pyur asked:
i much rather prefer your look to kate moss. if i could photograph anyone, it would be you! super dreamy lady x

Oh wow what a compliment, thank you. x