Anonymous asked:
I hope this isn't too odd of a question, but I'm really curious: Models are always portrayed as these dark, depressed women with eating disorders and daddy-issues. Is this true? Obviously, you can't speak for every model out there, and everyone's mental health is specific to them, but would you say there is some truth to this stigma? Is mental illness particularly common in the ~model world?~


It’s not odd but more so… perpetuating an outdated and incorrect stereotype that lumps a group of assorted women with a more diverse set of backgrounds than a UN meeting together under a highly offensive umbrella. 

I will say that in general, models are probably more serious than what you would expect. That doesn’t mean we are all “depressed” or “dark” we just take things more seriously than smiling through them and that can have a toll. However to say that that qualifies as a “mental illness” wouldn’t hold up in court.